‘People skills first’ approach for start-ups

  1. As a leader, focus on creating more leaders than more followers, enable people to own processes and systems
  2. Compassion and empathy, in recognizing and acknowledging the people, their individuality their choices & constraints
  3. Getting involved in defining the career growth trajectory of your team that is in sync with their aspirations
  4. Give them flexibility; the flexibility to navigate their personal circumstances along with professional commitments with ease and without getting judged.
  5. Have regular 1:1 with your people; create a safe space to build trust, help people open up with their setbacks and errors. Tell them you got their back! The natural reaction to building trust with your team is cooperation.
  6. Be genuinely involved and concerned about their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Ask them and mean it!
  7. Move away from the culture of shaming failures and only celebrating successes. Create a safe space for people to own up to mistakes and think about why and how they happened, while you elevate yourself to the role of mentor.
  8. Create a work culture that helps people derive meaning, value, and purpose from the work.




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Sheetal Arora

Sheetal Arora

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